Dedicated to promoting healthy,
sustainable, & kind living.

Hockhockson Farm Foundation is a collaborative organization. Our mission unites community leaders and non-profits with health experts so that together we can provide accurate health education and kinder, more sustainable food options. We believe being mindful of what we consume and how we treat all living beings are the keys to a better world.

The Hockhockson Farm Foundation hosts a series of programs and events which spotlight leading-edge advances in health, nutrition, and mindfulness. The presentations focus on strategic partnerships among doctors, community leaders, students, and non-profits. Our events drive change and amplify our mission.

We invite you to consider a whole food plant-based diet
for your health, for animals, & for the environment.

For more information on Hockhockson Farm Foundation visit our FAQ page.


Remember to do unto animals…

As animal lovers, we can always do and be more for those who depend on us. When we make changes in our lives — whether big or small — that move us toward seeking compassion for others, we are moving in the right direction. I believe anything is possible and change can happen in the world when we as individuals live by our beliefs and let kindness be our inspiration. Remember to Do Unto Animals when you’re Doing Unto Others! I’ve learned more often than not, the rescued animal is the human, and the rescuer usually has four legs (or sometimes 3, or wings, or fins…you get the picture).

Tracey Stewart
Hockhockson Farm Foundation President &
Author of Do Unto Animals

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