Hockhockson Farm Foundation FAQs

Are you hiring or looking for volunteers?2019-03-12T22:27:07-05:00

We are not currently hiring or in need of volunteers. Hockhockson Farm Foundation is in its nascent stage. As we move forward with the long term planning and success of Hockhockson Farm, we’ll make everyone aware of future opportunities. Thank you for your interest and support!

Is the sanctuary open to the general public? Will you ever be?2019-03-12T22:28:03-05:00

While the sanctuary is not currently open to the general public, Farmer Bobby’s farmstand, Laurino Farms, is open to the public from the months of May through November. Bobby will be growing flowers as well as delicious fruits and vegetables. The Daily Squeal animals can attest to their tastiness! Follow us on our various social medias, where will be announcing additional programming.

How can we participate in happenings at the farm?2019-03-12T22:31:01-05:00

We will be posting frequently here on our website and on our various social media platforms.

Instagram: instagram.com/thedailysqueal

Facebook: facebook.com/thedailysqueal

Twitter: twitter.com/daily_squeal

Please follow along to stay up to date on everything Hockhockson Farm Foundation is up to!

Do you have apparel with your logo on it?2019-03-12T22:36:57-05:00

We have some great merchandise designed. Stay tuned!

Can I make a donation?2019-03-12T22:38:01-05:00

We appreciate your generosity and support however, we are not accepting donations at this time. If you’d like to support agriculture on our farm, sign up for Farmer Bobbys CSA program.

To show your support for our animals and caregivers, please share our stories with your loved ones and keep on being kind to animals!

Can Tracey speak at an event?2019-03-12T22:38:45-05:00

During the nascent phase of building Hockhockson Farm Foundation, Tracey is focusing on developing programming for Hockhockson Farm along with her own writing. Speaking events will be announced at a later phase.

If I have a question not answered on the site thus far where can I send my question?2019-03-16T10:59:39-05:00

We invite you to email us at info@hockhocksonfarm.org!