Dedicated to promoting healthy,
sustainable, & kind living.

Hockhockson Farm Foundation is a collaborative organization. Our mission is to unite community leaders and other like-minded organizations to better serve communities in need. Together we can facilitate interest and access to healthy, sustainable, and kind food options. Our programs provide educational outreach that support whole food plant-based nutrition, food justice initiatives, and the prevention of cruelty to animals. The foundation’s programming and events provide opportunities to give back and spotlight leading-edge advances in health, nutrition, and food systems.

For more information on Hockhockson Farm Foundation visit our FAQ page.

What We’re Up To

Hosting Game Changers event with Q&A panel with cast members Creating Farm to Every Table program for LunchBreak Being interviewed for the Engine 2 Podcast Meeting with Dr. Michael Gregor at Monmouth University Visiting Esselstyn Family Farm for discussion/Q&A with Jane Esselstyn Loving and caring for our friends Feeding Trimming Trimming again Soaking Cleaning Appreciating Appreciating Shoveling Building Peeking Tucking In More soaking TNRing TNRing Going to doctors appointments Booping Playing Cold lasering Belly rubbing Clipping More napping Strutting Loving More napping Trimming again Problem solving Managing Snacking More napping More appreciating Celebrating More napping More soaking Transporting Lifting Health checking