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Original Farmer Bobby and his tractor in 2008. Bobby Sr. in sporty hat and Bobby Jr. in sporty jacket in 1994. Three generations of Laurinos in 2005. Young Bobby and his old tractor in 2018.

SUMMER 2019 UPDATE from Laurino Farms
Hello everyone!

Summer is here!! The fields are growing, and most of the plantings are done. We are a little bit late from all the rain but us farmers never knock the rain because come August we’ll need it!

In early Spring, we planted the cool weather crops such as red & purple kales, beets, romaine, red & green leaf lettuces, and parsley. As the weather warmed, we got into peppers, squashes, eggplants, sunflowers, and zinnias. We’ll also have everyone’s favorites, Jersey sweet corn, and tomatoes.

We just finished planting 1500 Parsley plants, 2000 Basil plants, and some other herbs. We also just planted a second field of green and yellow squash. As of late June, we have squash that we are about to pick, but we stagger the plantings, so we have it all season long. For example, I have it scheduled in my book that the squash was planted 42 days ago so that I know when one field is finishing, the other field is kicking in.

Right now, we are about to plant our last little piece of ground. When we finish picking these current fields of squash, we will plow, disc and then replant again. My father’s 1969 1050 Case tractor is still getting the job done and going strong!

I will continue to keep you updated on our progress here at Hockhockson Farm. It’s so fulfilling. Here in my 40th year of farming, I just love it now more than ever. The beautiful sight of the sun going down at night illuminating the countless rows of fresh veggies. What’s not to love?

Take care all,
Farmer Bobby

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