In Do Unto Animals we meet a hard working member of our backyard clean-up crew: the fox. We learn about the work he does for us in our garden and discover the importance of his fur coat, which keeps him warm as he trudges through the snow searching for food in the winter. Unfortunately, not everyone pays the respect to the fox that he deserves. Foxes are hunted by humans for their fur and are one of many innocent animals who are forced to spend their lives in fur farms as part of the clothing industry.

Hockhockson Craft: Faux Fox Collar finished productWe think the fox’s fur looks better on him than around our necks. Our craft contributor, Jodi Levine, agrees and she’s created a great alternative to a fur scarf: the Faux Fox Collar.

Make your collar and add a little zazz to your shirt with some kindness on the side. No one’s going to throw paint on this beauty!


  1. DOWNLOAD and PRINT the faux fox collar template. This template is designed to print on an 11″ x 17″ page.
  2. CUT the fox features out of your template and PIN them onto fleece. We used orange fleece for the body, ivory for the tail, ears and snout, and black for the eyes and nose.
  3. CUT the features onto fleece using pinking shears and GLUE them in place on the fox’s body.


Hockhockson Craft: Fox Collar Template
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