One of the things that has been so touching about my work with The Daily Squeal and Farm Sanctuary is watching the enthusiasm and dedication that my own kids have shown to the animals and their cause. They are full of great new ideas, have more energy than me and are forever reminding me of how simple it is to love and see the beautiful humanity in all living creatures.

As a mother I’m always striving to teach my children that they have a voice and that their individual actions have impact. Young people everywhere are taking action to make our world a better, kinder place for all. We’ll be sharing their stories with you. Correspondent, Maggie Stewart, will be showing the adventures of The Daily Squeal and Farm Sanctuary through her eyes. Other youth correspondents will be letting us see what they’re up to as well.

Coloring Contest: Draw Romy’s Holiday Sweater for the Chance to Win Prizes!

Coloring Contest: Draw Romy’s Holiday Sweater for the Chance to Win Prizes! Very few things make a holiday sweater uglier than when it is made from wool or adorned with fur or leather. Romy’s wooly coat provides coziness and protection for him and his sheep friends. His wish for the holidays is for us to help him keep the wool on his back and off our own. Join Romy’s Contest by printing out this coloring sheet and dressing him up in his best holiday sweater .

Maggie’s Corner: Anna & Maybelle Inspire Halloween Fun

Anna and Maybelle Inspire Holiday Fun Last week I made a presentation to my class to show them how awesome pigs are. I used photos of our pigs Anna and Maybelle. After the presentation I gave the class a coloring sheet of Anna and asked everyone to draw the costume they think she would wear for Halloween. Everyone in my class loved it! They couldn’t believe how smart and cool pigs were. They also had some funny costume ideas.

Reading to Levi

Reading to Levi Levi joined The Daily Squeal family after quite mysteriously escaping a slaughterhouse. It’s no mystery that he’d want to escape, but to this day we still wonder how the heck he did it. Levi is a fainting goat, a.k.a. Myotonic. Myotonics faint when stressed. How did our boy keep from fainting long enough to make his bid for freedom? We don’t know, but all we can say is, “Go Levi. Go!!!!!"